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Opening Hours

Tuesday - Saturday: 12:00 - 21:00
Sunday: 12:00 - 20:00
Please note: Thursday 19.09 is fully booked

14/10/2017 — 12:00 - 18:00


It’s finally crab season, and Vippa invites you to Crab & Beer Feast, 14th of October! Enjoy freshly boiled crabs from our neighbour Fiskecentralen and bread from ille brød, served with mayonnaise, aioli, lemon and dill – like it should be. Accompanied by a real CrabDJ behind the DJ boat.

Save the date – more information and tickets TBA.

Event on Facebook.

15/10/2017 — 14:00-18:00

Injera Palace – Opening party

The queens of Injera palace invites you all for a big opening party! Bring your whole family and learn how to eat Injera the traditional way. Coffee ceremony and popcorn is part of any Eritrean party. There will be a treasurehunt for the children, music and hair braiding. Welcome to a party you will never forget! Sunday 15.10.17 – 14.00-18.00. For more information: Injera Palace – Opening Party. 

18/10/2017 — 17:00-20:00

A family dinner, TV-aksjonen 2017

This years national telethon, TV-aksjonen NRK UNICEF 2017, focus on education for children and youngsters in countries ravaged by war. Read more and contribute:

The VippaOslo-family want’s to contribute by inviting families here in Oslo to eat and socialize. Get to know new people, cultures and traditions – and simply enjoy a tasty meal.

One family dinner (two grown ups, two children) is 300,-
All profit will go to UNICEF.
Buy your ticket here:


For more information about the event: A family dinner, TV-aksjonen 2017 / Vippa

21/10/2017 — 16:00


Get ready for PrideCruise with tasty food and something sparkling in your glass at Vippa.

More information TBA!

Event on Facebook. 

27/10/2017 — 13:00

SUPER TACO Friday / Dia De Los Muertos

Experience a 5 or 10 course meal of authentic Mexican cuisine – one night only at VippaOslo! JOIN US for a day and night of tacos, music, cocktails and fun!
More information TBA.

Event on facebook

01/11/2017 —


From November 1th to December 17th we offer «A taste of Vippa» – this is a 10 course sharing menu, with small dishes from all of our foodstands. It’s fresh, it’s new, and it’s cosy.

Contact us through for more info re. seating, price and options.

08/12/2017 — 11:00-22:00

Super Tapas Friday / Pop Up with Albert Adrià

Experience authentic tapas traditions, one night only at Vippa, with special guest Albert Adrià!
JOIN US for Super Tapas Friday – a day of tapas, music, cocktails and fun!

Each of the food stands at Vippa will create a dish inspired by the Spanish tapas tradition, and offer this as a one day only menu. Albert Adrià will join for the occasion to present one of his iconic dishes, and to support the philosophy behind Vippa –
We strive to serve high end raw materials and ingredients at affordable prices.

Providing this nights soundtrack is producer and DJ Anand Chetty (Lars Vaular, Store P, Razika // Mandagsklubben ++).

Entrance free of charge – and you buy the food from each one of the foodstands!

Event on Facebook.

12/01/2018 — 18:00-20:00

Afterwork Special: Vippa Bingo

Vippa is proud to introduce an afterwork special – get ready for VIPPA BINGO!

Your dedicated host for the night is none other than steaming Harry Booth, owner of Hot Hot Harmonica! Too much to handle you say? Not even close – because his partner in crime is VippaOslo’s daily manager – Kaja Skovborg-Hansen!

So – what are the PRIZES? The AWARDS? The FAME? Food and drinks of course! There will also be a super duper mega prize for the overall winner!

We are expecting a “Full House” so get here early so you don’t have to stand in “line”. 🙂
You register to participate by the stage, where our host are ready to greet you from 6 PM. The Bingo starts at 7 PM.

14/02/2018 — 17:00-19:00

Vippa Language Café (NOTE: Every Wednesday)

Every Wednesday at Vippa you can learn a new language and share your culture with some new friends. We hope to address what’s been lacking in the språkcafe you might have already attended or may be attending – a laid back true opportunity for reciprocity and exchange. Someone is just as interested in learning your language and culture as you are in theirs.


BRING: Your curiosity about other cultures, A willingness to learn and flexibility and An appetite to try foods around the world.

Get 20% at Injera Palace & Aleppo Bahebek.

16/03/2018 — 17:00-20:00

Afterwork Special / Bårdar Swing Club

Welcome to a dancy afterwork at Vippa with Bårdar Swing Club!

DJ Sean will put fire to your feet with jazz for different swing-classics like the Lindy Hop Boogie Woogie, Collegiate Shag and Blues. We will lay a dance floor on the asphalt – we recommend shoes with a smooth sole for this floor.

The bar and all food stands are open as normal – start the weekend with drinks, food or on the dance floor as you please.