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Vippa is a food court situated on the edge of the Oslo fjord. Our facilities – formerly used to store goods from all over the world – now act as the hub for roughly a dozen food stands, offering sustainable and diverse food to Oslo’s  bustling foodscape. Since opening in April 2017, the focus of Vippa has been to create an ethical and multicultural environment for both the people operating the food stands, and the guests visiting them.


We are highly committed to inclusivity and sustainability, and we strive to create opportunities for immigrants and young people who are excluded from the workforce.


In practical terms, this means that we approach each day with a hands-on attitude, and offer a step-by-step introduction to the food industry for those we partner with. This includes education about everything from composting/recycling, to the acquisition of ethically sourced ingredients, as well as the the conversion of these raw materials into delicious, amazing food! By simplifying the application proccesses and allowing on-the-job learning where experienced chefs work alongside people with little (or no) experience in the food industry, we’ve managed to make the kitchens of Vippa into a proper accelerator, and several young food entrepeneurs have already graduated and opened proper restaurants.


We work closely with sustainable, local farms, and cooperate with projects such as Losæther Gård to recycle our food waste. The vast majority of our food is orgaincally grown following the best agricultural practices.


In short, for us the meal is a tool for dialogue and cooperation, and have tried to make Vippa into what any good mean should be: inclusive, interesting, and tasty!




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Vippa, strategically located at the Port of Oslo, is the host of multiple food stands conveying sustainable and diverse food offers to Oslo's increasingly bustling foodscape.


The idea behind TUNCO is to redefine the concept of 'fast food', prove that it can in fact be healthy and tasty, take steps to make the food industry more sustainable and give back through the meal for meal program. Since the beginning, more than 100 000 meals have been raised to be donated to children in Kenya.


  • Koh Tao 119,-
  • Ho Chi Minh 119,-
  • The Vegan 119,-


Shawarma Aleppo style! Authentic Styrian street food served by chefs from the culinary capitol of the Middle East. We are proud that our food is organic, and the chicken, as the first in Norway, is both organic and halal!
The food stand is run by the non profit social entrepreneur Mestringsguiden, who aid refugees in finding housing and work. Aleppo bahebek means «Aleppo I love you» in Arabic, and is a tribute to the once beautiful city and to it`s people. This small kitchen shall remind us that Aleppo and Syria is more than just war and the people from there much more than just refugees! Welcome!


  • Shawarma chicken sandwich 96,-
  • Shawarma chicken small plate / big plate 140 / 240,-
  • Falafel sandwich 85,-
  • Falafel small plate / big plate 120 / 220,-
  • Baba ganoush 55,-
  • Hummous 45,-
  • Tabouleh 40,-
  • Vegetar small plate / big plate 120 / 220,-
  • Combination small plate / big plate 160 / 260,-


Bowls on Vippa is a concept focused on serving good food in a bowl. Together with Norwegian farmers and suppliers, we work to promote that street food can be tasteful, as well as healthy and sustainable. In our kitchen, we only use raw materials of the highest quality, preferably organic mixed with the enthusiasm of our most inspiring dining experiences. We thrive as a contributor to the proactive community at Vippa and are constantly developing our menu based on a season, wishes and occasional coincidences.


  • Sushi Bowl 149,-
  • Bibimbap 159,-
  • SuperBowl ,-


It all started in 2004 when Terje Ommundsen and Tony Pedersen started Norway's first modern Thai restaurant in Hegdehaugsveien in Oslo. Then, in September 2017 Mr. Chow came along - Mr. Chow is the youngest in the family; urban, social, and socially engaged. That means we have to think differently since we provide flavours from the other side of the world, and Mr. Chow wants to contribute to the society. We want to base our food either on organic raw materials, or raw materials produced locally.


  • Moo Ping 85,-
  • Bun Bao 95,-
  • Gulay Roti 75,-
  • Spicy Nuts and Seeds 45,-


Kinabolle is the first dumpling restaurant in Norway. Their dumplings are made in the same way as the Chinese make for their families. They are handmade, fresh and without adding any flavour enhancers. You can feel the love and warmth when you eat these dumplings.


  • Dumpling – fried, steamed or cooked ,-
  • Pork 100,-
  • Spinach 100,-
  • Shrimp 100,-


A quest to supply Norway with the worlds best Chili! International Chili Society members and chili fanatics Harry and Monica began their journey selling hot bowls of Texas style chili in the streets of Oslo. Now with it’s permanent location at Vippa, Hot Hot Harmonica will continue to expand and improve the art of Chili, hot sauces and Tex-Mex!


  • Chili con Carne 120,-
  • Chili sin Carne 110,-
  • Tacos x 3 110,-
  • Pico de Gallo 50,-


The small palace is filled with true queens from Eritrea. The women cook their traditional meal, Injera and serves it with pride and love. Injera is a sowerdough “pancake” made from Teff which is a gluten free grain, originally grown in Ethiopia. The Injera is served with different vegetable and meat sauces and is eaten using the fingers and the bread to scoop up the sauces. All the food is ecological and the vegetables changes with the season. The foodstand is run by the social entrepreneur Mestringsguiden who aim to empower refugees to becoming economically independent and socially included.


  • Injera selsi vegetar 120,-
  • Injera zigni chicken 130,-
  • Injera 25,-
  • Extra selsi 25,-
  • Extra zigni 35,-




  • Street Platter 165,-
  • Dabeli Roadside Burger 150,-
  • Dahi Puri 120,-

Kompass Mat

Kompassmat stands for passionate love for sustainable food and youth. They are a concrete example on how to
practice tripple buttom linje. From the of april they will have their own food booth at Vippa. Here they are going to serve ramen with hen, eggs and seaweed and it is their brilliant staff of youth who will be mostly in charge.
Trust + Empowerment + Resposibility = creates champions.



Biological Dynamics Association works to disseminate knowledge and interest in the biological dynamic farming method, nutrition issues and nature management set in a holistic cultural context.



Bergmyrene Farm is located in Hurum and offers biodynamical / ecological grown vegetables since 1981.




Vippa, Bogstad Farm and Biodynamic Association Norway have partnered to run a composting program, using food leftovers from Vippa’s food stands and guests. We deliver the food to farm, where it gets mixed with fertilizers from the nursery. B.A.N. helps us with guidance and preparation of the compost. This is part of the dissemination of cyclical thinking and biodynamic agriculture, both to the restauranteurs and guests at Vippa. The compost at Bogstad will then form the basis for Vippa’s roof garden, which hopefully will be built in spring 2018. The garden will be an audience-friendly garden where both visitors and students can learn about composting, soil and cultivation.


Dag Blakkisrud & Kaarina Borud, Biodynamic Association Norway

Kaja Skovborg-Hansen & Heidi Bjerkan, Vippa

Inge G. Kristoffersen, Bogstad Farm




The roof shall contain a garden with the cultivation of a wide variety of vegetables and other useful crops. There will also be a shelter for outdoor seating in an audience area in the middle of the roof garden, where you can see the magnificent view of the Oslo Fjord with a glass or two thinking about the ingredients and the meals you want to experience. Tipping will drive knowledge dissemination about all joints of the food chain, from soil to table and back to earth. And the roof garden will be an important part of achieving this. The roof garden at Vippa will be a pioneer, first of its kind in Norway – and a pioneer who gladly wants to show way and to inspire others; and help make Oslo a greener city. It will be a meeting place where new acquaintances and networks are linked by sharing experiences and experiences across culture and age. A democratic and inclusive garden, an arena for learning and inspiration. It will be researched and conveyed new awareness of the food’s origins, sustainable use of resources and the food and soil cycle – all in an urban urban environment.


Akershusstranda 25
0150 Oslo




*We only take reservations for bigger groups.


(+47) 917 28 043

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